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Win2Go (X-64) Hyper-V Works on USB ext drive with W7 as a VM !!


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Hi all
Crazy but I'd give it a whirl

Installed base Windows to go x-64 again with no apps -- just "Bog standard" Win to Go but on ext USB Drive

Re-partitioned my HDD again

Selected Hyper-V option - did it's thing and installed OK
Created Network switch for appropriate Network controller ( using it on a different machine) -- The Hyper-V wizard saves you from the complicated stuff -- two mouse clicks.

Imported a W7 VM that I'd already built on a different machine.

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Now I've got a GENUINELY INDEPENDENT system where I can install apps to my content and It gets round the MS office pain of wanting re-activation almost every time you boot up the Win2GO system.

Speed is fine - I might dump this entire system plus the VM to an SSD -- that should make it probably work faster than a Native HOST install on some of the slow work systems. !!

I'm only missing Sound but on a portable system I don't miss that. Using Two monitors at work as well the Native resolution is fine so the system in my view is MORE than fit for purpose.

I really hope this feature STAYS in the final when it's released or at least we can still "clone" the process of extracting the boot system. The IMAGEX and WIM will of course still be there.

Overhead of HYPER-V for this type of application seems a lot less than in using a bootable LINUX system with VMware workstation installed on it which is what I tried before.


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