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Win 8.1 Upgrade: Bitlocker Encryption Control App Missing


New Member
Hello all, my issue first originates with going through the windows 8.1 store app to upgrade windows 8 -> to windows 8.1.
[HR][/HR]"turn off bitlocker because it isn't supported in the edition of windows you want to install"
[HR][/HR]I am not sure whether i encrypted the drives after installing windows 8 or in windows 7, nevertheless i do know the encryption passwords to the drives.
[HR][/HR]The biggest problem is therefore trying to remove/disable the encryption to upgrade.
The Applet in the control panel is missing for some reason and so I ask for help here.
I have seen some guides which rely on this applet which is usually situated between auto play and colour management.
[HR][/HR]I would like to remove/disable the encryption for the upgrade, or confirm the idea that if i disconnect the two drives that are encrypted i could upgrade the OS to 8.1 and wouldn't need to worry about the encryption.
The concern is that the 8.1 OS would not read the drives hence the upgrading message.
[HR][/HR]My specs are this , related to Bitlocker:
  • Windows 8 64bit - standard (non-enterprise, pro)
  • Hard drives:1 X 128GB SSD - C:/ windows installed here ** NOT ENCRYPTED **
  • 1 X 2TB HDD - D:/ + E:/ **ENCRYPTED**
  • 1 X 3TB HDD - F:/ **ENCRYPTED**


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