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Win 8.1 & iPhone photo sync


A friend recently upgraded to a new Dell xps 8700 (win 8.1), which I set up for him. iTunes is installed and he has an iPhone. iTunes sees the phone and automatically syncs his music when he plugs his phone in via usb,

He wants to auto sync his photos too. I haven't used iTunes for years, but I see that it will sync photos now and have found a tutorial at apple showing how to set this up.


  • Is iTunes the best (and easiest) method for him to sync his photos (in his My Pictures user folder)?
  • Since he's using his Pictures folder, would a win 8.1 native app (or other) serve him better?
  • If yes on the win8.1 native app (or other) Would there be a conflict, since iTunes would be syncing his music as well, presumably at the same time?

Thanks for your ideas :)

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