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Win 8.1 install frustration


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My windows 8.1 computer keeps trying to install 2 updates that continually fail.
The updates are KB4507448 and KB3184143
Error codes incude80240055, 800f0831, 80070002, 8000ffff

I ran sfc and git found corrupt...but unable to fix.
I ran dism commands but could not complete
I ran trouble shooter said it fixed 3 things:
Service registration missing or corrupt
windows update error 80070057
problem installing recent updates

I reset windows update components several components (mshtml.dll) was loaded but the entry point dll register server was not found

I have a win8.1 cd and started trying a repair install.
"Making Sure you're ready to install" has been at please wait for 2 hours
Please help

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    win 8.1
PaulB and Snick over in sevenforums have a collection of tools that should work for w8 -- there might have to be a little tweaking done on the tools for w8 or 8.1.

Just noticed OP post date...probably fixed by now.

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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model
    2 Acers & 1 Antec[?]
    i7 in 2 Acers, i5 in desktop
    Desktop w/Gigabyte
    Two w/16GB, 1 w/8GB
    Graphics Card(s)
    Laptops GameWorthy; Desktop maybe GameWorthy
    Monitor(s) Displays
    flatscreens; 2 are BluRay worthy
    Screen Resolution
    1368x768; 1600x900
    Hard Drives
    1TB internals; 2 ext usb WD 1TB HDs
    what's PSU?
    Regular plus external fans
    desktio w/PS2
    desktop w/PS2
    Internet Speed
    DSL middle level [160?]
    from Netscape 0.9 to FF 36
    well-balanced, well-configured mult-layered defense is best
    Other Info
    From MS-DOS 3.3, MS-DOS 6.22, from Windows 3.1 to WFW 3.11 to Windows 95-98SE, now to Windows 7 Pro.
    Security for now: Windows 7 Firewall, Emsisoft AM, MSE [scan-only], SpywareBlaster, Ruiware/BillP combine

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