win 8.1 File History Backup?


Folks, here's the long and well, not real short of it....
I have folders labelled “all my downloads, my videos, my pictures, pdf folders of different titles and hundreds of Word doc’s, a few, Excel files, and different Icons for starting different programs”…with that being said, would I be better off placing those program Icons in a labelled folder and likewise, all pdf folders into one labelled folder so that I wouldn’t lose my data or what? And what about files that are not readily seen or can be seen?

Once the backup is complete to an external drive, can I use that same drive in a week/month and do an inc/dec backup
of my internal HD on a regular monthly basis? I know that File History will only back up the Libraries, and nothing more, but (dumb question) can I just go to a folder on my desktop of videos, right click and send it to a music library and keep adding videos as I go and likewise do word docs, pdf’s etc. or am I making this harder than it should be? I’ve never used the File History Backup before so that’s why I’m asking.

I have tried without much success using three retail (AOMEI, easeUSToDO and Macrium) (on trial basis) for Backup thinking each would be very USER FRIENDLY, but not really! Each one had its own set of setup, descriptions, save mode problems along with not working after I did a update to a newer version and not real good factory support by email, which I really hate because if I get that poor of support on a trial or freebie program, why then should I buy the full or pro version? There’s a lot of frustration working that way and I really need to back up my ‘stuff’ ASAP for obvious reasons…so…can someone provide me with the Pros/Cons of using the built-in Backup of Win 8.1 File History or a "really user friendly program"?
Many thanks ahead of time.

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