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Will i be able to upgrade Windows 8 Release Prev to the final release

Hello Members, just a quick question please
Will i be able to upgrade from Windows 8 Release Preview, to the Windows 8 final release, and when i mean the term upgrade, i'm talking any programs,files and settings i may have installed while using the Win 8 'Release Preview'.

I have searched this forum, aswell as other forums, i've also look at the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview 'frequently asked questions', but can't find clarity to this specific answer, does anyone know the answer please?

I havn't installed Win8 RP to my computer (Dell Inspiron 2320) a yet, so this issues what's holding me back.

Also what runs better, a Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrade install (same drive partition)?, or, a dual boot with Windows 7 on it's original partition and Windows 8 on it own partition but still on the same hard drive, the reason i asked is that i gather in creating a new partition for Windows 8, the Windows 7 partition need to be compacted down, is there a performance impact to either OS?

Any info, or opinions would be great.


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Welcome to the EightForums! liviococcia

Once the finished retail product is available when launched you would need to perform a clean install as with any previous version of Windows. The backup tools however may allow you to preserve and restore user files and settings without too much problem.

The final details in the "pudding" so to speak will be known once the RTM(Release To Manufacturers) is seen. Clean installs are always the preferred option over upgrading over a previous version which can often carry some problems along with the upgrade.

With the Windows Easy Transfer option with 7 once all programs were back on a clean install the restoration of the backup made with that option was found to restore the files and settings with 7. I expect the same should be seen with 8 as well.

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