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Will Computer Hard Disks get cheaper Quickly?


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With 5G just launched in few cities of USA and expected in many cities of Europe in 2019 and by the mid of 2020 5G will be coming to India. Do you think that data consumption will increase and go beyond sky?
Will this coming of 5G going to cause Hard Disks getting cheaper within few months as we enter 2020 or we can expect prices of Hard Discs to remain stable for many years?

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If you mean will the cost to store a gigabyte data continue to decrease then the answer is most likely yes. Whether it will happen at an acclerated pace remains to be seen. However, you may not see the price of a drive decrease, you'll most likely see that you'll get a larger drive for approximately the same cost.

I personally don't know the point at which the max storage density will be reached and exactly how close we are to it. At that point, different technologies will need to be introduced in order to make higher density storage mediums.

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