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wifi speed loss of 50%-70% only on this laptop


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wifi speed loss of 50%-70% only on Toshiba C55D-A5120

well i am having a issue, ive tryed everything know to man to fix the issue. i pay for 60/4 internet...until here recently im only getting 4mbs-30mbs download speed, and my ping is +- 30 over what it usually is, i can be a couple inches away from the router and only have 51% signal (-54 dBm). ive reset my os 3+ times and reconfigured router numerous times. ive set to all channels, no help all the same. all my other devices get FULL speed. i can bring my laptop to my parents charter, and it will still not get FULL speeds. i had amd quick stream, i seen were it was alot of peoples issues but not mine.... im starting to believe its the adapter, i bought one for $5 not even a few hours ago off ebay, hoping its the culprit. no firewall is on, all drivers have been updated, reinstalled. and updated with no luck :((( if anyone has any info on what i may be doing wrong would be very greatfull!!
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