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Wifi printer stopped working

I have Brother wifi printer that I installed in win8.1 about a year back and it has been working fine. In the Devices and Printers in Control Panel, it shows as OK, as default, but not ready. And, sure enough, it does not print to it.

I tried everything I could think of to make it print as another win8.1 and also a win7-pro laptop both print just fine, even my main Linux laptop prints OK.

I decided to delete the printer and re-add it. I started the process and it scanned for a few seconds, found the printer and displayed it in the "Found" box. At that point, I was called away so I clicked "Cancel." figuring I can get back to it later.

Now no matter what I try, it will not "find" the printer again with the "Add Printer.".

Has win8.1 taken my "cancel" and assumed I meant forget it forever or what?

Any suggestions on how to get it to "find" the printer again?


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I would look in Device Manager and uninstall the drivers. Then uninstall any Brother software for the device. Then reset the print spooler service. Then perform a "cold" restart of your computer. By cold, I mean shutdown Windows, power off your computer then unplug the computer from the wall for about 15 seconds. Then power it up again and reinstall your printer. If your computer's power supply has a master power switch on the (not all do), you can flip that switch to off instead of unplugging if easier to reach.

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