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Wifi Connect sidebar disappearing, cant connect.


New Member

Hi All,
After much trawling on the net, i have finally given in and am seeking direct help.

When i choose the connection's icon from the task bar, to connect to wifi, the connection side bar appears for a brief instant and disappears. At the moment i can connect to the network in my home, since it is default, but anywhere else i cant choose a new network.

Same occurs when i try to display available networks from the network and sharing centre.

I made a workaround which is very cumbersome for a casual user.
1. command prompt, and listed and deleted the profiles, using the netsh wlan command
2. Network and sharing
3. Setup new connection or network
4. Manually connect to a wireless network
5. typed the credentials of the network, checked start this connection automatically box and apply (i needed to know the details for this).

Any answers as to why i cant' see the list of available networks, or an easier work around (or just see it briefly ) would be a help.

Cheers in advance.


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