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why does my laptop disconnect from internet when i walk into another room


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I have exhausted the usual recommendations, even bought a new network adapter. the computer disconnects or cannot connect to my network when I walk into another room. this only became a problem when I had the Geek Squad retrieve some files for but I have since reinstalled/restored them. Had the experts "computer repair" and it worked fine with them but maybe it worked because their network was sitting right there. Anyways...I have tried everything and cannot figure out why it won't connect just two rooms over or should I say ...stay connected. I have several devices on a cox panoramic modem/router and no problems with any of them just this laptop which I am partial to. I have even reset the TCP Ip ,....you guys know what I mean but hopefully, this will give you some idea of how deep into resources I have been....any other suggestions, oh.... I have even called tech support at Cox, they are the ones who suggested replacing the network card/ adapter....its under the keyboard...using win 8.1

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...the computer disconnects or cannot connect to my network when I walk into another room
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This is usually due to a poor WiFi signal from your router. Interference from your neighbours' WiFi can exacerbate this, particularly if they are using the same channel as you. Try changing your router's WiFi channel to one that is little used. This WiFi scanner can help in that choice.

Also, try switching your PC to use the 2.4Ghz WiFi band, it carries a lot further than the 5Ghz WiFi.


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