Solved Where to obtain kosher Windows 8.1 Pro *.iso WITHOUT KB2976978


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Hello everyone,

my aim is to have a Windows 8.1 Pro installation with as little telemetry as possible. The ISO's provided by Microsoft at the moment all seem to contain the telemetry package KB2976978 - a Windows 8.1 (Pro) Update 3 Build 9600.

Removing this KB2976978 is not possible neither using "wusa /uninstall /kb:...." nor in safe mode.

The value 'permanence="removable"' is not present in the according *.mum files in "\Windows\servicing\Packages".

Any idea, where one could obtain a kosher ISO which does not have telemetry baked into it right from the start?
Or any suggestion how to attain my set aim?

Thanks in advance.

/Update: I actually found that purple original DVD.
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