whats causing BSOD, tcpip.sys Driver IRQL not less or equal


kinda at wits end here, crashing 2-3 times a day. I use whoscrashed realize it isn't very helpful just kept on saying ntoskrnl.exe is causing the crash.. i got a better tool here which is BlueScreenView by Nisoft and it shows a bit more info but im still stuck. when i had 770m in laptop no problem, switch to 1070m now got problems.

pls help me take a look at the minidump file, also if you could pls teach me how to read it or what i should be looking at will be great help!

Dropbox - 022818-16203-01.dmp
Dropbox - 030118-17578-01.dmp

one which shows nvlddmkm.sys as a possible issue by Bluescreenview is with Nvidia driver 388, the other with ucx01000.sys is using Nvidia driver 387, both crashs with tcpip.sys..

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