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what to do with this file?

I downloaded a file (Win8.1_ENG_ x64) from MicroSoft that I thought was a repair file for Win8.1 but I really
don't know what it is, how to use it, or if I use it, will it automatically delete all data/s from
my desktop or not and present me with a repaired OS of 8.1 with a clean start and no previously installed program/s
such as Office, etc.

I had bought a desktop with Win8.0 factory install and updated it on line to 8.1 from MS and I made a Recovery Disk (in 2016) after the update and was also wondering if the (Win8.1_ENG_ x64) is the same as a Recovery Disk.

If they are one in the same or similar and I use them, do they make a clean reinstall of 8.1 and therefore all data is lost?
which brings me to another question:
If I do a disc Image onto my external HHD and then insert the Recovery Disk or use the (Win8.1_ENG_ x64) file, will I be
able to reload my data from the Image to my internal HDD?
I know this sounds convoluting, but didn't really know other way of presenting it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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