Ways to SNAP screens / Metro apps.


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Maybe its me and I just haven't seen enough Youtube videos on Windows 8. Or maybe its not.

For those that spend time in Metro or have a Windows RT device where you have to live for
the most part in Metro, I have found these cool things that I did not know Windows 8 could do.

If you have an app open and you drag top center down and then about 40% of the
way down the screen continue swiping but move all the way straight to the left off screen, it will
snap the window to the left pane and show all the open apps pane. This is handy when you
want to change apps and have more than a few apps open and it's a pain to keep swiping in
from the left looking for your apps. Just swipe down and left and the pane opens and then
choose the app you want and the current app stays on the pane.

Also, if you want to have the current app which is full screen to be half screen to open
another app side by side. swipe down center again and about at 40% (50% is okay too)
continue to swipe right off the screen and it will snap the app to the right half screen.
The tap on the left side and choose the app you want to open or drag one in from the left

If you already know this, very cool. There might be some that don't.


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