Wallpaper slideshow not working


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So, I have a bunch of wallpapers that normally cycle through on my desktop every 10 seconds. Well today for seemingly no reason that completely broke. My desktop stays on 3 different wallpapers (I have 3 monitors) until I go into my wallpaper theme and back out again, then it will either swap them all out for 3 different wallpapers or put a specific image on all 3 of them. If I try to select just one wallpaper out of my folder the whole desktop goes black. Since my explanation is probably confusing I've recorded a short clip of what's happening: https://youtu.be/-xGrJlJ-jHI

I've tried restarting and using a different folder (One on a different drive, the other on the same) I heard there was a setting in the power options for the wallpapers but I couldn't find where that was and this seems actually broken and not just disabled. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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