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Solved Volume goes higher with 2 audio sources.


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Hey everyone,
so here I am on my lenovo ultrabook and I have this really annoying sound problem.

Let's say I'm watching a stream on twitch.tv - audio source #1.
I turn on Spotify/VLC/whatever and start some music - audio source #2.
I turn off the first audio source and the second automatically gets its volume doubled.

This is really annoying and it's happening every time I have two audio sources running at the same time and I shut one down... Some sort of intelligent sound system, which I can't figure out how to turn off. I've tried multiple solutions - updating audio drives, ticking the "Do Nothing" in Communications tab in Sound. None of that helped. Please help me :)
Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Okay, I've found the source of this - it was the Dolby doing this...
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