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Visual Styles Navigation Buttons are not changing

Hello everyone,

About a month ago I started to look for a good visual style on my laptop. And I chose Base 8.1. So I searched up a tutorial and patched my system files using uxstyle. It came out very nice but 2 days ago I noticed a problem. The navigation buttons have not changed! I mean the back and forward buttons in the file explorer and the save dialog and those things. I also tried other visual styles as well, by different authors, to see if it is the visual style's problem, but it resulted the same thing.So I tried to modify the system files, but not successfully, and so causing a crash. I then did a system restore (not far from now, really, like a day or so) and the first thing I did after the system restore is to come here, create an account, and post this thread because I had found a lot of good tutorials when I was finding how to install visual styles.

Can anybody help me out??
Thanks, Stormcheetah98

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