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Visual C++ Runtime error explorer.exe, spontaneous reboots


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My friend's fairly new Win 8 computer is rebooting on its own a few times a day. It has also given a Visual C++ Runtime error for C:\Windows\explorer.exe "this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".

I've run chkdsk /r, it found some errors in phase 3 and fixed them. I ran sfc /scannow, it found corruption but could not fix it. I ran DISM, it repaired the corruption it found. Then I re-ran sfc, it came up clean at that point. But the issue remains. Any suggestions?


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Next thing I'd do is download a copy of memtest86+ and let that run overnight. I'd also figure out what brand HDD is in the unit and go to the manufacturer's site, looking for any diagnostic tools they may have. It also couldn't hurt, making the assumption that your friend isn't overly technical (since they are coming to you for help), doing a thorough scan for malware using multiple programs would probably also be in order. There still tend to be gaps or blindspots in each individual program, so what one misses another might pick up.

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