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Virtual drive deleted


I have a serious problem that I have never experienced previously so I am posting it here and asking for your thoughts.

Not 60 minutes ago I was sitting and reading online when I began to hear a squeaking sound coming out from my PC tower. It sounded like a wheel that needed oiling.
I tried to shut down my PC but it was stalling. I forced the shut down by holding the power button. I rebooted and when the computer started up I noticed that my screen was black due to no wallpaper but when I opened my "This PC" window I was shocked to discover my entire E: gone. All of my files and programs wiped out while I sat reading. My HD was 1 TB and now the capacity shows me that it's just 120 GB total.
I had 3 drives on my system and now only C: & D: remain.

D: Recovery
E: Files

How is this possible?

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