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Videos lagout when another program is open full screen


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Hey guys,

First post on here, have just installed windows 8 on my machine and everything is working fine, just noticed however when i play a game in full screen and have another screen with say VLC playing watching a movie the movie turns down to 50% play speed (not actually play speed in player but just the way it plays) so what would be frame after frame there is an extra frame between there where it lags out...

On windows 7 i had no issue having a full screen game on one monitor and a movie on another screen all working perfectly fine...

Any1 know what the issue is here?? i have no idea what to fix i have latest drivers for everything, bios upgrades done, newest software for vlc and still no idea what i can do...

any help would be great thanks :)

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A workaround is to set your game to use Windows 7 compatibility mode... its to do with the way priority is handled from what I have heard. First though make sure your graphics drivers are 100% up to date, a lot of people who reported this back in RTM said that it is fixed now, that could have been due to patches or graphics card drivers but for a lot it was resolved.
Aside that, the compatibility thing has been reported as a good solution (little annoying needing to set it on every game you play though, so not ideal)

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