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USB wont boot, set 1st to boot in boot order... Nothing i havent been through 127 times...wtf


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I got a Lenovo S230u twist from a guy at popular University in LA... Got a charger and when i booted it for the first time i found 4 Administrator accounts...all with passwords of course... In the BIOS settings i have tried every combination of every possible setting and configuration... When i try to RESET PC to factory image i get the same message every time... INVALID MEDIA try again... I have tried password RESET media, Recovery disc, loading a new 8.1 professional OS, downgrading to 7 upgrading to 10...every command in accessibility every option in Trouble Shoot and Use a device... Im not computer illiterate by any means...shy of putting in a new hard drive with a clean install... I'm open to any suggestions... Indulge me please Ω

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I am a little confused as to what it is you are trying to do? Install new OS? do a repair? boot from USB?
if only trying to boot from USB hit F12 at logo screen to bring up boot menu.

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