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USB Stick brand recommendations for Win OS image backup


Currently use Marcium (registered/licensed) for backing up my OS install on Windows, never let me down.

I've bought a new laptop for the in laws and want to create a simple system restore from a USB stick (so probably 64GB to cover some other data).

I am looking for recommendations, particularly if any users have successfully done this, using a USB stick of this size.

1) Best suitable brand that enables bootable partition on the USB stick.
Reason why I ask I am aware that Sandisk USBs are not bootable and dont want to by another brand and discover the same issue.

2) Is it possible to have the USB stick to boot and hold the image to restore.
I am open to other suggestions as this needs to be relatively simple in process/fool proof. My inlaws live several hundred miles away and there could be language barrier issues :)

Also any tips when formatting the stick for use. I have always used Macrium Reflect and need to check their forums, so advice much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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I use 320 GB external HD, and 2 USB sticks ( 8 and 16 GB ).
Firm: TakeMS Germany.

So far had 0 failures, my external hard drive as well as both USB sticks are hit by corrosion, they are over 5 yrs old but they WORK
If I'll ever buy a new one it will again be TakeMS


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2) Is it possible to have the USB stick to boot and hold the image to restore.

First, use the MR function to create rescue media -- pointing it to the USB stick

Second, boot the other PC from the USB stick and do the image backup to that stick.

Then, you can use that same stick to reboot the PC later and restore from the saved image on that stick.

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Macrium is a good imaging program and I use it all the time. But you need 2 media - one for the image and one for the recovery WinPE.

A simpler solution is to make Windows images - either with the GUI or with Wbadmin. Those you can recover from the System Recovery Options that are built into the system. That may be easier for normal users especially since the recovery is easy to trigger. And if the disk dies, you use the installation disc to start the recovery.

An other alternative (even simpler) is the AOMEI OneKey . They put the recovery option right into the bootmgr. Disadvantage is that you have to chose every time whether you want to boot or recover. Another disadvantage is that it does not work when the disk dies.

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