URGENT!! USB power surge HELP!!! USB not working anymore!


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I recently had a USB power surge on my Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700

And now my USB is no longer working. :/

I have tried unstailling the USB drivers but when it's finishing Unstailling all the USB drivers my Windows 8 tablet always becomes unresponsive and i had to turn off the tablet after by switching the hardware/physical on/off button.

I really really NEED the USB 3.0 working again as i can't transfer my video clips for Youtube or backup my stuff.

So can anyone help me please? I was thinking of factory resetting my tablet again but i can't do it because of the USB not working!! :/

This is the 1st time ever i had a USB power surge..
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You had a power surge and the power/charging adapter is plugged into the USB port. It's a dual-purpose socket, also use for data transfer. When that port gets damaged it generally means getting a new one or sending yours in if still in warranty. Did you install/plug in a MicroSD/XD memory card? Could be your 'stuff' is on it and those small cards come with an adapter to plug into a standard USB port such on a computer for transferring data, might look for it, maybe behind a cover on one edge of the tablet like mine is, remove it and use the adapter. I have a Dell Venue 8 tablet with Win8.1 and my power/charging adapter also works with my cellphone and an Android tablet.

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