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[Urgent] Dual booting went wrong "Boot configuration Data


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I have no idea where to start, a friend of mine sent me a link for Windows 8 Pro link, it's not original nor cracked, it's just non-activated (it kept asking me for activation key), that's not the problem tho.

I have windows 7 already, downloaded the iso he sent me, I tried to extract it into a flash, tried to boot from it, it didn't work, I said why not extracting it? I did, and opened setup.exe, and installed windows 8 successfully! And I could dual-boot normally.

I went back on windows 7, backed up my files into another partition, renamed the partitions into Windows 7, Windows 8, Others(backup) and went to windows 8 and started restorting from the new parition, after all I went to delete windows 7 in a stupid way by deleting the Windows 7 partition, it didn't work fully, some folders stayed as Windows/Windows.old ....etc, so I went to windows 8 partition to extend it since I deleted lot of gbs off the windows 7 partition, I've done so, and there was option saying to make it primary parition althought it was checked on windows 7, I checked on it and it went unchecked on windows 7, I didn't care much.. and it asked for reboot, and I did.

And here's the problem, it cannot boot anymore ...

It gives this error:

"The Boot configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

I certainly don't have any idea where this problem was made, because there's like 3 mistakes ..

1- Resizing and moving location of partitions?
2- Trying to delete windows 7?

Or... I really don't have an idea... all I want now is delete windows 7 except 1 folder which I couldn't transfer because of the size of it, and run windows 8 normally as it was..

I've been googling for hours, all they say it instert the disk and go to repair, the problem is I don't have a CD! And all I have is extracted iso on my flash which doesn't boot, it says No OS was found, I tried to burn the folders into iso again, then do isotoflash it says there's no BOOT folder or files in it, and yeah there's no boot folder..

May you please say what to do? Someone suggested me to use gparted live so I can play with the partitions and fix them, would it work? And how can I "play" with the partitions?, and other suggestion was that someone upload recovery cd so I can download it or find a way to fix how to put windows 8 on the flash.

Sorry for the long thread, and please this is urgent since I have important project which I must work on this week :[

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