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Upgrading to Windows 8 64 bit from Win 8 32 bit


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When I bought my PC, it came with 32 bit Windows Vista. I upgraded to Windows 7 32 bit and now I updated to Windows 8 32 bit.

I realized that my PC is a 64 bit capable machine but now that I have already installed Windows 8 32 bit, I was looking for options to upgrade to 64 bit version.

I was told that I can I can use the Key on 64 bit version and that I need to have a bootable DVD version of Win 8 64 bit. I am aware that I need to do a clean install.

My question is: now that I have already installed 32 bit, can I go ahead and install 64 bit windows 8?

Any problems due to licensing?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello sjt2, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes, that's correct you will be able to use the same product key to activate the 64-bit Windows 8 on your PC without issue, and you will have to do a clean install with the 64-bit Windows 8.
To get a 64-bit Windows 8 installation ISO to be able to create a 64-bit DVD/USB with, you will need to download the ISO from any 64-bit Windows PC.
Hope this helps, :)

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There are no licensing issues, as long as you are installing Windows 8 64 bit on the same laptop for which you originally bought the 32 bit version. (Also you can have only one installation for the purchased license key).
In short you can use your same license key to install 64 bit Windows 8.
As far as installing 64 bit Windows 8 is concerned, just to let you know in case you are not aware that you don’t have to buy Bootable DVD media from Microsoft additionally.

Instead you can download the Widows 64 bit Evaluation version and install your legal copy of windows 64 bit by following the below steps:
1. Buy a license of Windows 8 from Microsoft site if you have not done so, already.
2. Download the Windows 8 Evaluation 64 Bit ISO image. You need to use your Windows Live Id to download this evaluation copy.
3. Download Windows 7 USB boot-able driver creator tool. Use this tool from Microsoft to create the boot-able USB stick or DVD.
4. Boot from the newly created USB/DVD and install the Windows 8 Evaluation version. Do not use your purchased Windows license 8 key to activate/register the Evaluation copy.
5. While running your Windows 8 evaluation copy, go to Microsoft site and download Windows 8 upgrade tool and just follow the instructions and download the Windows 8 by specifying you purchased Windows 8 license key.
6. When prompted to install, select create Windows 8 media option and you will be asked to specify the media type to create USB/DVD. Choose your preferred option. This should create a Windows 8 64 bit media for you.
7. Once Windows 8 media USB or DVD is created, just boot from it, and install your new Windows 8 64 bit legal version

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