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Upgrade to Win10 while current OS still have WinUp issue?


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Upgrade to Win10 while current OS still have issue?

Is it safe and possible to upgrade to Windows 10 despite I am having a problem with my current OS?

I am currently running on Windows 8.1 and recently I have been having issues that prevent me from performing Windows Update (error code 80070008), DISM 'ScanHealth' (let alone 'RestoreHealth'), as well as other errors that I noticed from Event viewer. It says my computer might have run out of memory, though I don't believe so because if it's harddisk space, C: still have 200GB free space while RAM is used only around 27~30% out of 8GB. I also attempted several troubleshoots to no avail.
For more details, I posted about my issue before here: Windows Update error code 80070008.

On a side note, here is the list of my Windows Update that refuse to download/install:
KB3079777, KB3061512, and KB3035583 updates returned me with error code 80070008.
While KB2976978 can install, but keeps on coming back despite receiving "successfully installed" message.

If checked through "Installed Updates", KB2976978 and KB3035583 have actually been installed.

One example of the errors I saw in Event Viewer:

DISM error code 8:

I tried "Check your PC" through Get Windows 10 icon. And here is my result in case if this is needed:

I have reserved Windows 10 and waiting for confirmation email. But I am worried if this problem would ever interrupt my upgrade process. If this upgrade could help, I am thinking I might as well just upgrade to terminate this problem once and for all. Any ideas?
I hope anyone here could guide me on this :cry:
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