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Unexpected power on


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Hello there.

I'm troubleshooting a Windows 8.1 HTPC (ASrock Vision 3D 252B) that sometimes starts up on his own.

Unexpected power on seem to be periodical, but checking scheduler, registry and BIOS, there's no scheduled power on.

It's connected to a SmartTV via HDMI, but unexpected power on happen also when SmartTV is off, so I think this is not a cause.

This computer is often powered on via WoL but, if there's no stange packets coming, i think this is not a cause, too.

I've just been disabling RTC Wake Up in BIOS, I have no idea what this feature is.

How can I better troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks and best regards.

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RTC Wake up is Real Time Clock wake up. You set a time that you want the PC to turn on at and when the BIOS clock hits that Time the PC will turn on. At one time I had my desktop PC set to turn on at 7 AM everyday. My coffee machine started at 6:50 AM. ;)

That motherboard also had power on by keyboard or mouse options. I have my HTPC setup so if I click a button on the trackball it turns on. If my wife is cleaning around our TV the PC sometimes powers up by accident.

EDIT: Another BIOS option to check is power on state or state after a power failure. If its set to on and you get a power bump in your PC will turn on automatically.

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