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Solved Unable too access BIOS on Lenovo G510 (20238) Laptop


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Hello all, this is my first post here so apologies if it is in the wrong category.

I have been trying to repair a laptop for my friend that cannot boot up to windows. It is constantly going to Startup repair and whenever I try repairing windows with USB it always fails.

Now I am trying to access the bios to change the boot device to the USB drive so I can do a fresh install of windows.
Here's my issue, the laptop will always go into the startup repair mode without giving me the option to enter the bios.

Will removing the cmos battery resolve this? ( I want to avid this option as it means opening the laptop, since it is not my laptop. I may find it difficult even locating the cmos battery)

Any other ideas how I can access the bios?

- Edit -

The laptop is running windows 8.1 x64
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