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Trying to repair my Windows 8.1 boot


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Hello There. A few days ago my Laptop crashed and refused to boot again. It just gave me the 0xc000225 error message. First I tried to repair it with the help of an Windows 8 installation disk. I ran the bootrec commands in the console and also tried the standard startup-repair, but nothing could fix it. I then discovered this tool on the internet, but even it couldn't help me with the problem.

After I tried out lots of other things with the Ubuntu live system, like LiLo or the MRR-Package, I gave up.

I just tried to run the bootrec-commands again. They all worked fine, with the exception of the /RebuildBcd command, which just prompted me if i would like to add my volume C: to the boot, where i obviously answered yes, but just got told that

The Volume does not contain a recognized file system

I also tried running bcdedit, but I got the error message

The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The System cannot find the file specified.

I also started a question in the Ubuntu-forum, going in more detail about the boot-repair-disk, but they redirected me here. Click me!

I hope you can help me with my Problem

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