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Trying to get Microsoft Solitare Set on Desktop


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Very, very new to Windows 8, got the desktop HP computer with Windows 8 installed already in it. I found a download for the old Start Button on the web and used it to make it work like Windows 7 or Vista - I found the Microsoft Solitare Pack with Freecell and downloaded it (it says it is on my computer) but cannot find it anywhere to put a shortcut to it on my desktop - it says it is in Users - Local - Apps etc. but I don't even have that folder anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to make a shortcut to the Freecell game on my windows or how to find it? Thanks for any info or help

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Are you talking about the following app:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection app for Windows in the Windows Store

This is the only way right now officially to have Microsoft Solitare Collection which contains Freecell and other games.
Its a Metro App so the only way to access it is on the start screen. You can search for it on the start screen and pin it to the start screen.

You can't make a shortcut I think for metro apps on the desktop. There probably is a thread around that explains how to get old MS Games from Windows 7 but it is not officially support by Microsoft so up to you.

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