Trusteer End Point Protection increases boot time


Following prompts from my online banking webpage in October 2018 I installed Trusteer Endpoint Protection (Rapport) (TEPR) but then forgot it was installed and just got on with using my computer. For a while now both my wife and I have noticed that, after switching on, the PC was slow to get to the point where it was usable and responsive to commands. I tried various things but the only thing that cured the problem was turning TEPR off which reduced the time by a massive 23 seconds. Uninstalling TEPR altogether reduced the time by another 12 seconds. In total my PC now boots-to-usable 35 seconds quicker than with TEPR installed. As long as one has a good security product installed I don't see the need for TEPR so I do not intend to reinstall it even though my bank keeps prompting me. Whether TEPR was conflicting with my Norton Security program or whether it is TEPR itself which slows the boot time I don’t know but has anyone else had problems with TEPR slowing down the PC boot-to-usable time?

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