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Tracking Down Slow Ethernet


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I've been running W8.1 - 64 bit on an Asus m3a78 motherboard for about 10 years with no problems. AMD processor. Up until now, my ISP provided me with "up to" 100 Mb - no problems there. I now have an "up to" 500 Mb fiber service. The wired speed tests all read around 80-90 Mb up and down, day or night. I can take my Apple laptop, remove the connection from my desktop and wire directly to the laptop. Speed test 450 Mb or above. Stumped! Everything works fine, no hangups or unexplained quirks, just tests slow.
Pertinent Information: I have tried to lock down the telemetry settings by turning off unneeded services, updates, user experiences...anything that phones home.
Some of the tests I have done:

-try a dedicated gigabit Network card - no change
-flush dns - no change
-reset Winsock - no change
-tweak "properties" on the network card - nothing
-check Process Express for suspicious programs - nothing obvious
-check for virus and spyware - haven't found anything
-check for hard disk constantly operating - nope
-I use the firewall in my router, not Windows Firewall
-no antivirus
-use Proton VPN normally (but turn it off for the speed tests)

It was my impression that doing a 1 Gb ethernet connection is pretty basic for any computer and does not require a super high speed chipset. There is always the person who thinks new drivers will fix anything, but this motherboard hasn't had an updated driver or bios for years. But, I haven't installed any new equipment or made setup changes to the motherboard. And it was supposed to do 1Gig when it was new. Like I said, everything works fine, but I can't get a 500 Mb connection to speed up past 80 Mb. Maybe the aging of components is showing up. If I get a new motherboard, I will have to get W10 and start from scratch.
Thank you!

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