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toning a network cable to a network closet


I am attempting to tone a network cable to a network closet. So I stuck the toner on the network jack that I was checking. Then I went to the network closet and tried to use the probe to find the network cable. I was unable to find the network cable. Then I got on a ladder to follow the network cable in the ceiling. I noticed that the cable was going in the complete opposite direction of the network closet. There is only one network closet in this building. Does this mean there was an old network closet that the owner of the building does not know about? Does this mean my toner and probe is to cheap to reach the network closet? Is there some other option I am missing? Isn't there a physical limitation of a hundred feet for network cables and network closets? Do I need to go through the ceiling and follow the network cable? What are my options here?

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that Network Outlet may not be a feed from the closet - but rather running from another network outlet as in Daisy chained from another Outlet location

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