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Ok to be brief my laptop is very old and has many damages (Physical) to it. I plan to take it to a cheap warehouse however i wanna much would it actually cost?? Many say i'm being quite stubborn and to just get a new laptop but...that laptop is just too special to me. I've had it for nearly 6 me materialistic but I just can't toss it out like whatever.

- New battery - 25$ (will cover it this week actually)

- The power jack in the motherboard needs to be repaired (So it can run without the battery) ??.??

- Needs a fan replacement ??.?? ( will not go over 90$ )

- Just for them to look at it - 50.00

Minus the battery how much would it cost? I asked a friend of mine and she says i'm looking at 300$ in repairs.
With the stuff i have on it its worth saving but got damn thats alot of dough... what do you guys think?

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I'm no hardware expert (and I'm in the wrong country to know about pricing near you), but I'm guessing the answers will depend on what the exact make and model of laptop is? I suggest that might be useful information to post, for those who know about these things.

What is on the laptop that you want to save?

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I have six laptops, right now, that were discarded, some even in dumpsters, that I've refurbished. With some little flaw, here or there, they all work great with Windows 8.1,Pro, x86 on them.

It's really hard, unless you're a Board Level repair tech, to fix things like the power plug or damaged USB ports.
And on some laptops, getting to the cooling fan, which is probably stuffed up with lint and dirt, can be a day long process.

I've been a Computer Repair tech for over 30 years, but I've always refused to repair laptops.
It's just too easy to break some little plastic dohicky, and then you're liable to fix it.

I work on discarded Laptops for my own amusement where I'm not obligated to anyone else if I totally mess it up.

By the time a laptop is as old as yours, it's little cooling fan is usually jammed up with dirt. And most of them can be a nightmare to get to, to properly clean out. There is a time to repair and a time to retire.

Your little lappy might have reached that time when you need to retire it. Eh?
There is no disgrace in just saying "Good Night Irene", and calling it a day. I've done it many times, over the years.

Cheers Mate!
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