The same event happens thousands of times an hour


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Hello fellow eight users,

In my computer that uses Windows 8, when I'm taking a look at the events (command eventvwr), I see many many events with
Source : Netwlv32
Event ID : 5010

Description : "The description of event ID 5010 in the netwlv32 cannot be found.The component that triggered that event is not installed in the local computer or installation is damaged. You can install or repair the component on the local component.
If the event comes from another computer, display infos must be recorded with the event.
Following infos were included with the event :
Intel(R) PRO network connexion/Wireless 3945ABG
The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file."

(translated from French)

URL=netwlv32.png -]

I'd like to know what it is, if it is of any risk, and how not to have so many events of the same kind. Yesterday during two hours I had 17 896 times this event, or an average of 149 times a minute. The event journal is harder to read.

Thank to all those trying to help,

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Hi Lorelei

The error seems to be coming from an Intel wifi card 3945ABG. If the info online is correct the card is embedded on your motherboard.

What does device manager have to say about your Intel card - device manager - network adapters?

Don't perform anything you can't put back together, you may not be able to get back online. I like to have a spare usb wifi dongle handy just in case my internal nic becomes unstable or quits working altogether.

You can try a few things, but only move forward at your own risk.

Does event viewer create events even when offline, if so, disable the wifi card, clear all events from event viewer, and play around on the system - do you still get the errors or do they go away when the card is disabled?

Have you ran the network troubleshooter, it may or may not provide something useful?

These might make things worse, or break your wifi all together so don't do anything you'll get mad at me about :)

You can uninstall the driver being used, reboot the system and see if Windows will/can install a generic driver if it isn't the same one used right now?

If you have the driver provided from the manufacturer when you purchased the computer, reinstall the driver. You may need to get it from the oem's support site.

Windows usually can update Intel drivers depending on how old the hardware is, try reinstalling the driver via Windows Update?

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