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Task scheduler cannot start a task. Error 0x41301

I faced quite an odd issue. I created task for starting Transmission-QT at system start.
I enabled Task History and there all seems fine.


But really program doesn't start. In "Last run result" field of Task Scheduler I get a strange error 0x41301.

Task scheduler.PNG

I googled it and discovered that it means "Task is already running". Surprisingly I found this program in running tasks just after system boot but no GUI is shown. Only the process itself is running.


But after some time it dissapeared from Task Manager and then nothing happens.
I googled this error and tried all the proposed solutions: I set up option "Log on as a batch job", I specified "Start in" parameter explicitly in task definition, but had no luck.
Anybody have any thoughts about this?
Thank you in advance.

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