"SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" when closing programs? Fresh OS


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Background: Custom built PC ~2yrs old. Windows started to BSOD with random errors overnight every 24-48hrs. HDD crapped out I guess, one day got error "a drive red error occurred" or something. Got new HDD freshly installed Win8 upgraded to Win8.1 and didn't download much as I was planning to get an SSD to boot off - had 1 BSOD during the 2-3w here but unlike the old HDD's install, WhoCrashed pinpointed some directx sys file or something so I figured it was a fluke.

Details: SSD arrived. Oh, should note that during the previous temporary HDD BSOD I was without a vidcard/running off my i7-47760k's integrated graphics because the vidcard had long been dying and I got around to RMAing it. Anyway, freshly installed Win8->Win8.1 + vidcard now..... and ~4 days after I got 1 BSOD that WhoCrashed pointing to win32k.sys for. Then I got another one a week later, once again nearing 4days uptime (so if it happened a third time, I was going to come here and say "Recurring BSOD after ~4d uptime?"), pointing to win32k.sys again. And now, after ~<40hrs, BSOD again, but it didn't name win32k.sys instead saying those ntskrnl or whatever files and giving no further clues ("likely to be a software bug").

1st BSOD happened right after I clicked [X] on the "Rainmeter" program's Skin Manager window.
2nd BSOD happened right after I clicked [X] on a Firefox window with a lot of tabs (other Firefoxes still open, so I wasn't exiting firefox.exe just a bunch of tabs at once).
3rd BSOD = same as #2 - closing a Firefox Window with a bunch of tabs, other Firefoxes still open.

Uploaded zip attached.


Edit: Actually, the first BSOD (win32k.sys) was <48hrs after freshly installing Windows....... according to info given in the zip folder uploaded saying the install time (6/6 midnight) and date of the first dmp file (6/7 6AM). It just felt like more days had passed because I had 2+ sleeps in between. I guess? Though, I was quite certain I had been logged for >3days...... definitely was almoSt 4d for the 2nd BSOD as I made an uptime displayer for Rainmeter so I'm constantly seeing it, and ~2d for the last BSOD.


1-2 days later, PC just randomly rebooted itself. No BSOD, no dump file. Although, Event Viewer did note an "unexpected reboot" - indicating this was indeed an error of some sort, and not just a forced Windows Update restart timer I failed to notice.

Possible power supply issue? Mind you, I had a vid card start dying (artifacting) very slowly, an HDD semi-entirely fail ("drive read error", "one bad sector" via SMART), and the first vid card I got back displayed artifacting on 2 occasions within a week of reinstalling..... and this third one has yet to, and I'm now no longer experiencing any of the problems I had with the old HDD (unless you count these BSODs, which I don't because they're acting differently) so I thought it was just random luck that the returned warranty vid card was bad as well and now with new HDD+vidcard I was finally in the clear.

Also note in all my troubles (orig vidcard artifacting began 9months ago, hdd began dying 4months ago) I've NEVER had a random BSOD-less reboot like I had just now. And I don't tax my system really, these BSODs and this random restart were when CPU/RAM usage were <25% and CPU/GPU temps are 33-45*c.

But if these BSODs and such are caused by PSU power failures, why are they saying "likely typical software bug and not a hardware problem" according to WhoCrashed... unless the description is added by WhoCrashed and not Microsoft meaning it's just WhoCrashed that is retarded.

edit: update, ~10days later (more bsod's)
approximate rundown of events -
7.5 days - no bsod, house lost power = pc forced off
1.5 days after - bsod system_service_exception,, whocrashed gave stupid ambiguous 'driver that cannot be identified' error I'm familiar with
1 day - house lost power again = pc forced off
.5 days - bsod system-service_exception, same ambiguous rubbish as before (.................)

Attached new/updated zip file.
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