System doesn't shut down properly with PCI-E video card


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This is my first Intel build, I had to upgrade, because my previous system had no new drivers available. I use this build for coding. My system is Window 8.1, I need the older OS for backward compatibility. I managed to buy the CPU for discount, that's why the mobo doesn't make much sense.

I had installed the latest Crimson driver, and the Intel LAN driver, I don't like to install every showelware from the motherboard installation DVD. I need my dual monitor setup, one is my old 15" monitor with D-Sub connector connected to M/B, other monitor with HDMI connector connected to video card.

Whenever I install my video card, boot, then shut down my system, the system doesn't halt completely, the video card LED and the CPU fan are still on. I can select shut down from the Windows menu, or press the shut down button on the computer case, the result is the same. Windows displays Shut down..., then the monitors show no signal after shutdown (as expected), both go blank. It's different from sleep mode (what is not available for me on Windows, I don't need that for now), because I can not wake up my system with keyboard or mouse button. I have to press to the computer case shut down button again - this time I press longer for a few seconds - to shut down the system completely.

It's works fine - shut down completely - when I boot without dedicated video card. Windows 8 Control Panel: Power Options > ... > USB selective suspend setting: Disabled Power Options > ... > Power Button action: Shutdown Power Options > ... > PCI Express > Link State Power Management > Off (default was Moderate Power savings) M/B manual UEFI Settings > 4.6.2 Chipset Configuration > Primary Graphics Adapter: I had to set this to onboard video, because Windows wouldn't recognize my second, older 15" monitor otherwise. I can set to "PCI Express" value, it doesn't solve the problem. UEFI Settings My energy-report.html content
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