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Synced Theme reverting to Black solid color on Laptop?


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I have been using Windows 8 for quite some time now. I have it on my laptop and my home desktop. I have synced-theme set up and use my Windows ID to log into both. I have had no issues at all really since the install. Everything was synced as it should be. The other day; however, I noticed that the desktop background on my laptop had reverted to a solid black color. (In case anyone is wondering, this has nothing to do with non-genuine install as everything is 100% legit plus I am not getting the message in the bottom right of the desktop).

So, I figured it might have been transient and I wanted to change it anyway, so I changed the desktop background on the laptop. It actually did sync to the desktop as well. However, when rebooting the laptop, the same thing happens all over again, though the desktop background is still correct on the desktop, but still changes to black on the Laptop.

When I make the change again on laptop, I notice that it does not change the synced theme desktop, it actually creates a new "unsaved" theme. I save it with a new name but it really does no good.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this? Thanks!


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