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Solved Switching to the new Windows 10 Forums


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Hello, everyone! I'm a new member of this forum, and I am glad to be part of this community. I recently updated to Windows 10 (Clean Installed it) two months ago, and I would like to switch to the new 10Forums. However, I have a question: Do I need to create a new account at 10 Forums or can I switch to the new forum using the current 8Forums account?

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    Windows 10


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Register for a new account there. You can use the same user name if you wish.

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    W10 Pro (desktop), W10 (laptop), W10 Pro (tablet)
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    Home built i7-8700K, Hp Envy x360 EVO Laptop, MS Surface Pro 7
    3.7Ghz Core i7-8700K, 11th Gen Core i7-1165G7 4.7Ghz, 10th Gen Core™ i5-1035G4 1.1Ghz
    ASUS TUF Z370-Pro Gaming, HP, MS
    16G, 8G, 8G
    Graphics Card(s)
    AMD Radeon RX580, Intel Iris X Graphics, Intel Iris Plus Graphics G4
    Sound Card
    ATI High Definition Audio (Built-in to mobo)
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    Dual Samsung U32J59 32 inch monitors, 13.3" display, 12.3" display
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    3840x2160 (Desktop), 1920x1080 (laptop), 2736x1824 Pro 7
    Hard Drives
    500GB ssd boot drive with 2 & 10TB Data (Desktop), 512GB ssd (laptop), 128GB SSD (tablet)
    Corsair CX 750M
    Antec 100
    Coolermaster CM 212+
    IBM Model M - used continuously since 1986
    Microsoft IntelliMouse
    Internet Speed
    665Mbps/15Mbps down/up
    FireFox, MS Edge
    Defender on all
    Other Info
    Retired in 2015 after working in the tech industry for 41 years. First 10 years as a Technician, the rest as a programmer/software engineer. After 1 year of retirement, I was bored so went back to work as a Robotic Process Automation Consultant. Retired for 3rd (and final) time in 2019.

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