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Surface and browser issues


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My wife and I both have a first gen Windows RT tablet. Her the Surface and I have the Asus Vivotab RT.

One of the main complaints about those tablet for both of us is that in Internet Explorer if you are using the on screen keyboard (OSK) and you wanted to tap on a checkbox, it was nearly impossible. It was like becoming an art form figuring out this basic task.

I was blaming it on Windows itself, but I recently picked up another Asus tablet with an I-5 processor (much faster) and I put Windows 8.1 Pro on it. I am glad I forced myself into an RT tablet because it made me appreciate the Modern UI and be less dependent on the desktop using a tablet. Now even on this Windows 8.1 Pro tablet I spend a lot of time in the Modern UI because it enhances the overall tablet experience. But, I am getting off-track.

I am not noticing the checkbox issue on this device like I was on the RT. Could part of that problem have been with the speed in which the tablet was processing my taps in the box? Hmmmmm.....

Granted, I have updated my Asus RT with the latest Windows 8.1 but I have not been using it as much as I had been. Maybe it's just part of the upgrades to improve this problem.

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