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Stuck on Automatic Recovery and Unmountable Boot Volume


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Hello so I was sleepy but didn't want to sleep and decided to put on an audio book while lying with my laptop on my upper legs and I forgot I had it and as I turned around it fell. Nothing is broken no wrong sounds or anything. The windows however annoys me.

When I turn it on it then loads for a longer while and then says something along the lines of encountered a problem we will restart for you to gather info or something. Then it restarts goes into automatic recovery and then that screen disappears and leaves just a grayish screen, after some while of waiting it goes into a loop it restarts again and goes into automatic recovery

What should I do please help (writing this from PC which has w7)

I'm not sure which win my laptop has, when I looked at the online store it said 8.1 when I look in the papers it says 8 so I'm confused, maybe they just write 8 but it's really 8.1


Toshiba Satellite S875D - S7350

some guy says I should check system partition for filesystem errors, my friend says I should try swf scan or whatever it's called ( I can't access cmd promt though)

also my friend says I should try this: go to f12 - enter setup - advanced - boot mod - csm boot

What should this do though?
(On F12 I have boot hdd, usb, odd, lan, enter setup, hdd recovery)

INFO: So I apparently managed to get the command F8 (system restore) to the laptops 'brain' (since booting became so fast it can't recognize i pushed a button) but it doesn't opet Safe Mode it only opens Automatic Recovery then the grey screen then a longer wait and then restart and continues the same circle

I learned that I might have a built in HDD Recovery option which is something like System Restore (btw I even made a restore point when I just bought the laptop)

Is it safe to try that? (it's on f12)

Would the people look at my files if I send it on repair? is there an easier way to retrieve some files I got on desktop? I only need like 5 files or smth heck even 1 file whose name I know would be good

ADDITIONAL INFO: SO I FILMED THE less-than-1-sec BLUE SCREEN which appears after loading and before auto recovery and says it'll restart the pc for me. And I'm not 100 sure but it may be showing UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME as the error

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