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Startup programs not starting & explorer.exe crashes

I've been having issues with my laptop running Windows 8.1 since yesterday. About 2 days ago, my WiFi wouldn't work, so I went into connection settings. After exiting onto the start screen, the start screen decided to randomly crash, causing explorer.exe to crash with it. From then onwards, every time I moved my mouse over my taskbar, it would work for a couple of seconds and then hang there. If I pressed the Windows key, it would cause explorer.exe to crash and restart again, and the same thing would happen with the taskbar freezing up.

A restart solves this, but it starts happening again once something happens that causes explorer.exe to crash and restart. (which also seems to happen more often now, for example, the clicking personalize option on the desktop causes explorer.exe to crash for no reason at all)

As well as this, startup programs which are defined to automatically start up (I've checked, and all of them are enabled at startup), do not start up automatically, and require me to start them manually. This wouldn't be such an issue, if one of them wasn't my antivirus. I did not even notice this until today, so I guess I browsed the web the entire day yesterday without an antivirus running in the background.

I haven't tampered around with my system really. All I've done was remove UAC (I guess it's UAC?) so that I would be able to directly edit files in my program files through paint programs, word processors, etc, without having to pull them out and then pull them back in later. As well as this, I downloaded a program that adds back the start menu, because frankly, using the start screen is just not my forte, but I don't think this should tamper around at all with my system.

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