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Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller--(code 10)


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I installed Windows on to this computer while off line and used it for two weeks while off line and it worked perfectly. I then connected to the Internet and completed my work before shutting down. Upon start up – it said do not shut your computer down while updates are being installed and everything was fine – then I started back up the next day and no keyboard, nor was there any mice.

Thank goodness for touchscreen for I was able to restart but still no keyboard or mice. I then went looking for drivers for the keyboard, mice and motherboard – I already had the latest and greatest. I then went to device manager and found caution on four OpenHSD USB Host Controllers--none could start (code 10}. I then deleted all the drivers and restarted again but to no avail.

I then took the computer off the Internet and reinstalled Windows 8 and everything worked great for three days. I then reconnected to the Internet and everything went good until I shut down and restarted – you guessed it – those damn updates again and the same problem again.

I then went on line and could not believe the number of people with this same problem and as I read the thread's, they was being told it was a hardware problem and there is no way in Hades it is hardware – it is software. Now I realize I am 85 years old and I am no longer the sharpest tack in the box – but this is ridiculous!

Has anyone here , come across a solution for this – I would really appreciate any help that I can get. I put this computer together myself and it uses a Asus Sabertooth 990 FX motherboard – AMD Phenom 2- X6- 1100T Processor.
Thank you
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