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SSD hard drive locked

So, I was trying to salvage files from my friend's computer when it caused my Windows 8 laptop to crash. It crashed so badly in fact, that I had to pull out my recovery USB. Except none of the recovery options work.

Refresh tells me the harddrive is locked. Reset tells me a partition is missing. I can't use system restore, I don't have a system image (and even if I did I'm sure I wouldn't be able to use it), and startup repair tells me it can't fix my machine.

Now, I'm a wee bit familiar with DOS. Enough so that I feel kinda okay with using some basic commands. Chkdsk by itself says the volume label is Boot and the file system is NTFS, and errors detected in the uppercase file (no idea what this means). Chkdsk /F tells me the drive cannot be locked and it is write protected. However, chkdsk c: says the file systen is FAT32 and there are no issues. (so far it seems somehow the OS system of my friend attempted to transfer itself to my harddrive...?)

List disc says I have two discs. 0 being 931GB, 1 bein 31GB. (I'm assuming 1 is my recovery disc?) Setting disc 0 to active and then entering list partition tells me there are no partitions on disc 0.

So... What to do? Again, I'm a wee bit familiar with DOS. This is about the extent of my knowledge in fact, and most of this I had to look up and research.


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