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SSD hangs at boot; sometimes crashes


I bought a pretty cheap Kingston 30GB SSD (part number SNV125-S2) off eBay; the seller guaranteed that it wouldn't be DOA, which it wasn't. I was able to install Windows 8 fine, but I'm currently running into a pretty annoying issue with hang-ups during the boot sequence. It's a little odd: sometimes I can boot into Windows fine, while other times I'll simply get an infinite loading screen. Once I'm in Windows, the everything works rather fine, though it does give a blue screen ("We're sorry..." message) from time to time.

I ran a few S.M.A.R.T tests and didn't get and errors. I looked around the Kingston site for a firmware update, but it appears that this particular model doesn't have any. Looking at the motherboard's BIOS changelog, there doesn't seem to be any issues regarding SSD support.

Any suggestions?

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