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Solved Solitaire & Freecell from XP


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New Twobeers Special computer with 64bit Windows 8.1 installed. I really enjoy playing Solitaire & FreeCell. I can tell when my computer is acting slow by the speed the cards flip up in FreeCell. The online free game is slow to load & play. Having a USB transfer cable I thought I would give it a try. I found Solitaire & FreeCell on my XP home edition in the Windows/System32 folder. Copy Sol.exe, FreeCell.exe & Cards.dll to your Windows8 system with a USB stick, CD, floppy or even Email them to yourself and enjoy. Other card programs from Windows XP should work the same way. But getting on in the old fart way I always enjoyed Solitaire & FreeCell. Probably because they were the only things that never crashed going all the way back to Window3.1 & up to the present.:thumb:

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Wait, What is your question?

Are you asking if you can put Windows XP games on a Windows 8.1 OS?

Well there was a Thread of someone porting windows 7 games to Windows 8.1 which could work but not windows XP

I don't see why you can't play the "metro app" one shown here which has Free cell:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection app for Windows in the Windows Store

Your second option is to use a virtual machine with Windows XP. There are number of ways to do that via Hyper V in Windows 8.1 Pro or other third party software. I personally installed Windows 7 on a virtual machine and within Windows 7 I have windows xp mode.

I sometimes launch it Win7 to launch winxp mode to play Pinball which is only game I know that has not been made into a metro app.
Zen Pinball is the suitable replacement but still miss the music and memories I had with WinXP pinball.

I think copying the .dll and files from XP are going to fail. One for the security problems with old files and another is big difference in how modern windows works from Windows XP.

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