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SmartGlass, (Smart Glass) is Making Me Feel Stupid


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Well, the full release is here, I've installed Windows 8 on my laptop, I've received the update for Xbox...and this so called "SmartGlass" refuses to beam content from my laptop to my Xbox for display on my TV.

I've been trying to find a place where people are talking about this, on the web, but have had little luck in so doing. I did get to a place within the SmartGlass app, from the app Store, where I could do a review, and there were a lot of people who made complaints which were similar to mine...or which were somewhat related.

It shocks me that--with all of the Beta testing Microsoft did--that they did not put together some kind of tutorial and troubleshooting guide to assist people with using SmartGlass. For my part, the only reason I took the upgrade was because SmartGlass sounded so cool!

The notion that you could pull up a browser on your PC or laptop, begin watching streaming content...and then transfer it to the largest screen in your house, via Xbox, was conceptually excellent. (It also would serve as a workaround for the fact that using the IE Browser which is now native on the Xbox does not work with sites using Adobe Flash.)

So...does anyone out there know if there are any resources for getting SmartGlass up and properly operating? (Or, better yet...anyone here solved similar problems?)

I get my laptop to connect to the Xbox with no problem, but it shortly thereafter disconnects, and I have only ONCE gotten a website to appear from my PC to my TV...and then the TV screen showed a compatibility error which was not displayed on my laptop's screen.

It's maddening...and the Metro UI, with all of its differences, makes the frustration all the worse, as the pathways of my mind are fairly well set in the navigation techniques of virtually every other Windows operating system.

I still can't believe Microsoft didn't give us some guidance on this...

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