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slow transfer from sd cards to hard-drive


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i have two cards, a class 6 and a class 10. The problem is not reproducible on my laptop, which transfers around 8mg/sec.

i've had intermittent problems since upgrading. At first i was getting what i consider a normal transfer rate of 8-10 mg/sec with each card. But several weeks ago I began experiencing rates of UNDER 1 mg/sec. That is KILObytes. It takes an hour to transfer my photographs, which is amazingly not ok.

i have a standard HP set-up, basic computer model, AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core 2.1 GHz

i've noticed that when i turn the indexing off, the transfer rate rebounds to normal. But then i have to turn it back on and reboot before either I or a program can locate a file.

which is also amazingly not ok.

i've tried everything i can think of short of a clean reinstall. Which i REALLY would like to avoid. I've already done that twice since upgrading in November.

i really need help. My livelihood is photography, so these long transfer times are costing me time and money, not to mention aggravation.

I'm not a geek but i can follow instructions. I've been fairly hands-on since DOS.

if there is more information you need, please just point me in that direction, and I will do my best to provide it. But without direction i am clueless. I really appreciate any assistance!

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If I right click a portable drive and disable indexing for the drive letter. Things are cool.
Next time I look at properties for that portable drive, its got a check mark allowing indexing again that I certainly didn't enable. Wish they would stay unckecked. As soon as I plug in a drive, windows indexing discovers it and starts working on it - indexing is a slow process and slows down the back up images in my use that I'm trying to write to the drive.

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